Battling junk food

Right after failure it’s easy to make goals and plans. The body isn’t missing anything at that point so it’s easy to feel confident that, in the future, we will have the willpower and resolve to win. Yet, hunger seems to come back when we aren’t feeling as confident. Like a traitor, the body starts … [Read more…]

Wind and Colors

Today’s ride was windy, especially on the way back. I forgot to fill my water bottle and only had about a half cup to work with. I used it sparingly. The wind kept me from getting too hot on the way up, but my mouth was dry. I took a few sips of water as … [Read more…]

Lasagna and Pumpkin Pies – Done!

It took us about 4 hours, but we ended up with 3 pumpkin pies and two pans of lasagna. We did the lasagna from scratch, including the noodles. My pasta maker hasn’t had a workout for a while, and it was good to see it still works well. Making pasta by hand takes time, and … [Read more…]

My Recipe Collection in PDF

This is categorized under “diet”, even though it has nothing to do with losing weight, and probably everything to do with gaining it. Cami and I decided to make lasagna tonight, from scratch, so I dug out my old recipe file and converted it to PDF

On the road again

I’m not looking forward to the bike ride this morning. The idea of going out in the cold isn’t appealing. But, it’s got to be done. Cami and I had treats at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory yesterday after we picked up the ring. That dark chocolate coconut haystack was delicious, but it’s time to … [Read more…]

The diet update

My calendar isn’t with me at the moment, so I can’t remember how many weeks I’ve been on maintenance. I’m sure it’s been at least six. So far so good. My weight has fluctuations of two or three pounds, but keeps coming to rest at about 233 lbs. That is a good thing. That evil … [Read more…]

21 days to go on the low calorie

After 19 days I’ve lost my load weight plus 10 more. Just before my three loading days I was 253.8 lbs and today I was 243.8 lbs. Not too bad. I’m hoping to lose another 15 lbs over the next three weeks. I had hoped for more, but I’m trying to be realistic. It feels … [Read more…]

Will the weight come back?

Someone asked this question on one of the forums I visit. I posted a response and though I would duplicate it here: I have wondered about this myself. When you think about it, the hCG is just the mechanism for getting the weight off and getting a new set point. From there the hCG disappears … [Read more…]

Thinking about “normal” weight

In one of the hCG forums I was reading about BMI (base metabolic index?) and started plugging numbers into a BMI calculator. It looks like I would need to get down to around 185lbs to end up in the “normal” category. Obesity is the new normal, so I guess healthy is a better word. I’m … [Read more…]