Wind and Colors

Today’s ride was windy, especially on the way back. I forgot to fill my water bottle and only had about a half cup to work with. I used it sparingly. The wind kept me from getting too hot on the way up, but my mouth was dry. I took a few sips of water as I approached the gate. The way back was easier. It always is.

On the way down, I started looking at the panorama of color. There was freshly-cut hay in a field to my left – love that smell. The deep green contrasted nicely with the golden yellow of the wild grain and grass. The hills are like honey brown suede with a hint of their former green remaining. In the distance the hills turn to shades of blue and purple. To my right is the bluish green of sage brush. I’ve been told it isn’t really sage, but I don’t know what else to call it. There is some sage out there some place. The combination of subtle colors works so well together. It makes me happy just to see it at work – a visual symphony.

Coming back into town I see purple concord grapes peeking through green leaves as they hang over the backs of fences. A single branch of purple plums is still waiting on me for an upcoming harvest. The little wild sunflowers are everywhere. I love them. One of the yards has massive sunflowers that have become so heavy, each flower has tipped over, facing the ground. These dashes of color will be gone soon. Shades of gray, brown, and white will replace them. I am enjoying them while they last.