Creating ebooks with a Mac

I have some out-of-print books that I wanted to read on my Kindle. In some cases, either a Kindle version isn’t available for sale, or the Kindle version is so full of mistakes that I can’t stand to read it. Sometimes a book is available in PDF, but PDFs aren’t very fun to read. I … [Read more…]

Truing a bicycle wheel – video

I found this video in my search for learning how to true my wheels and make them stronger. It’s very well done. The stand is constructed after Roger Musson’s plans in his excellent book, The Professional Guide to Wheel Building.   Amazon carries the Spokey Pro spoke wrench he talks about. They come in 2 … [Read more…]

Zebra face fondant cake

In keeping with our fondant cake-making birthday tradition, this year we decided on a zebra cake for our safari theme. We wanted more than an abstract zebra pattern, but didn’t want to do a full zebra body. I had the idea of doing just the head in a fun cartoon style. After several sketches, this … [Read more…]

Making a pink dolphin fondant cake

Our friends have a daughter who wanted a dolphin cake for her birthday, and this is the result. We didn’t take photos of the entire project, but in a previous post about making a Perry the Platypus cake, I go into more detail about the process, including the mixing of the fondant. Our friends’ daughter … [Read more…]

Backing up voicemails from iPhone 4 to a Mac

I have put off this task for years because I thought it would be a lot harder than it really is. My voicemail was full today, so I was motivated. I found some instructions that explain how to extract the voicemail files from an iTunes backup: Instructions: Script I was able to do … [Read more…]

One more tiny pyrography gourd

With my previous design I was sure of what I wanted through each stage of sketching and burning. With this design I wasn’t so sure. I liked the idea of a woven pattern, but wasn’t completely sure how I wanted to execute it. I started by cutting the gourd into a bowl using a coping … [Read more…]