Come, Come, Ye Saints for harmonica

Come, Come, Ye Saints is one of my favorite hymns and I wanted to play it on harmonica. I’m terrible at the harmonica, but that isn’t stopping me from wanting to play it. Getting the tabs to line up with words isn’t easy. It may shift. I hope not, but it might. 4          4        -4      … [Read more…]

New Uke and Edelweiss

My new ukulele put me in search of songs to play. I saw Ukulele Mike’s version of Edelweiss, by Rodgers and Hammerstein, and loved it. Eventually I would like to learn his melodic version. In the mean time I thought it would be fun to adapt it to simple chords. Cami then told me she … [Read more…]

Mindy Gledhill

I got a Mindy Gledhill CD for Christmas a few years ago. That genre of music can sometimes nauseate me, but the CD ended up being really good. My music has been in a state of disarray after some iPod problems and reformatting hard drives. But I was sorting through it about a week ago. … [Read more…]