Thinking about “normal” weight

In one of the hCG forums I was reading about BMI (base metabolic index?) and started plugging numbers into a BMI calculator. It looks like I would need to get down to around 185lbs to end up in the “normal” category. Obesity is the new normal, so I guess healthy is a better word.

I’m around 254lbs now, recently down from about 285lbs. I’m guessing it was 1989 when I last weighed 185lbs. Twenty years later It’s hard to even imagine being that thin and wearing the same size clothes that mannequins wear.

I mainly started this protocol with the idea of losing enough weight to keep me from feeling like I was on the fast track to heart trouble. My last visit with the doc I was worried about my heart and he put me on a treadmill with an EKG. He said everything looked good, but I knew at some point it wouldn’t. I hoped I would lose weight, but I wasn’t sure it would happen. And, I was expecting the weight to come right back. Now that it hasn’t my outlook has changed to one that is much more positive. I am looking further down the road, wondering if 185lbs might actually be within reach.

Losing just 30lbs has made a huge difference in how I feel and get around. I feel happier and more optimistic. I was amazed how much interior fat I lost from my upper body. I used to feel so stuffed and uncomfortable, like there wasn’t enough room for all the fat I was storing inside. Tying my shoes was a chore. It is so easy now.

I can see why people want to jump right into the next round. Watching the scale go down most days is fun. It was a rush to watch my weight stabilize to six weeks, and I’m glad I waited for that. It gives me confidence that I can stabilize at an even lower weight.

This is my second day of VLCD and it hasn’t been too bad. I had a headache yesterday, but not much of that today. My load weight was mostly gone this morning – gained 4 lbs during 3 loading days – not too bad. Tomorrow I hope to be back on track.

Wherever I end up is going to be so much better than where I’ve been.