The Hunger Games – just starting

Michelle has been telling me about this book for quite a while now. I just started it this morning and have only read a few pages. So far I like the style. I’ll report back when I get a better feel for the book. UPDATE: I’ve read 3 chapters now. There is an “Ender’s Game” … [Read more…]

Animal Farm – good book – scary book

Animal Farm is one of those books that people complain about having had to read in high school. My high school didn’t require it so my discovery was later on, in college. I picked it out of curiosity, and it became one of my favorite books. I’ve read it probably ten times. I tend to … [Read more…]

Fence mending volunteer …and wake boarder

It was an interesting morning. 6:30 came way too early after staying up past midnight to finish Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Pygmalion is just like My Fair Lady, except it’s a book, it’s missing all the music, and the ending is a little different. It’s hard to believe it was written so long ago … [Read more…]

The Book Thief

I loved it. It was a touching story, and I learned a lot about the conditions people endure in war, regardless of what side thy might be on. The author spins a beautiful a tale of true love and its battle with hate. The writing style is refreshing. It’s a heavy subject, but the narrator … [Read more…]

The Book Thief – by Markus Zusak

The verdict is still out on The Book Thief, but so far I like it a lot. It’s told from the perspective of the “grim reaper”, and his subject is young girl in Nazi Germany. It’s got a quirky style of writing that keeps it interesting. I’m about 1/3 of the way through, so all … [Read more…]

A Long Way Gone – by Ishmael Beah

Cami told me about this book, and let me borrow her copy. It’s a tragic story about a boy who tries to avoid the effects of civil war in Sierra Leone. He loses his family and many of his friends, and eventually his innocence as he is compelled by circumstances to join the military and … [Read more…]

The Thirteenth Tale

A few days ago I started “The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield. So far, I like it. I’m about a sixth of the way through. Other than the recommendation from my friend I know nothing about the book, and have no expectations. That is how I prefer it. No spoilers. Sometimes I wish I could … [Read more…]