Ellie is a crawling machine

I know we are in for trouble, but it’s nice to see Ellie getting around on her own, touching everything she possibly can. Somehow she knows the things we don’t want her into, and those things become her focus. She has a new (to us) Fisher Price musical parade toy. It’s a little 4-wheeler with … [Read more…]


It’s so nice to hear the birds making their happy songs in the morning. The wooded area behind our house is getting greener each day and this whole season makes me happy. There are blossoms everywhere, and so many colors and sounds. Ellie is doing well too. She just turned 6 months yesterday, and she … [Read more…]

Ellie is two weeks away

According to my calendar, the due date is two weeks away. Cami thinks Ellie won’t come for another week after that. I don’t know what to think. Cami’s blood pressure has been slightly elevated, but it doesn’t seem to be getting worse. If things continue as they are, she shouldn’t have any problems. She monitors … [Read more…]

Coming soon…

It’s not much longer now. In fact, we thought she might be coming a week ago when Cami’s blood pressure was up at the doctor’s office. They prescribed modified bed rest, which means Cami can walk around, but most of the time she should be resting. If her blood pressure continues to rise, the doctors … [Read more…]

Sometimes 1+1=3

Cami brought me along to her doctor appointment. When I saw the ultrasound, of course I had to try out my favorite new toy, my iPhone: I was really amazed to see the baby moving so much. I get a little tears in my eyes when I think about it really being ours.