The Hunger Games – just starting

Michelle has been telling me about this book for quite a while now. I just started it this morning and have only read a few pages. So far I like the style. I’ll report back when I get a better feel for the book.


I’ve read 3 chapters now. There is an “Ender’s Game” quality to it that I’m liking a lot.

Finished it a few days ago. All in all, I really liked it. It had similar qualities to Ender’s Game, where bright young people are given responsibility for the fate of those they represent. In this case, Katniss has been chosen, along with Peeta, to represent District 12 in a death match. There are 22 other contestants, and only one can win. The winner will given riches and their home district will prosper for that year.

It was well-written and the pacing was good. I kept wanting to continue on. I recommend the book, even though the ending sets up for a sequel, which weakens it in my opinion.