Fence mending volunteer …and wake boarder

It was an interesting morning. 6:30 came way too early after staying up past midnight to finish Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Pygmalion is just like My Fair Lady, except it’s a book, it’s missing all the music, and the ending is a little different. It’s hard to believe it was written so long ago – like 1913.

After waking, I went with several other volunteers to help mend fences for the church-owned cattle ranch. Vernon was the rendezvous point, and then we headed up into the hills. The view of the wide valley below was breathtaking. A section of barbed-wire fence needed replacing. Apparently, once a strand of wire gets stretched to a certain point, it starts breaking and requiring more and more repair. So, we removed the old strands and coiled them for later disposal. New strands took their places.

We also mended a section that had broken spots, apparently from the weight of the snow last winter. The highlight was at the end when we got a dutch oven lunch. Chicken with potatoes and carrots might seem like a boring meal, but it was so good.

Cami had been texting me from time to time during the morning. For being out in the middle of nowhere, somehow I had cell service. She said Nate and Holli, and Staci and Stuart were headed to the lake. She wondered if I wanted to go when I got back. I was pretty tired, but it seemed like they didn’t plan to go out again this year. They picked me up and we ended up having a great time. The last time I went waterskiing on a lake I must have been a freshman or sophomore in high school. I have to admit I was nervous. But, I did get up a few times on the wake board. My successes were always short-lived, but fun. Cami did really well, as I expected she would. Afterwards we drove back to Salt Lake and had dinner at the Cracker Barrel. The food was really good.

So, it’s almost 11:00 and I’m ready to catch an 8-hour nap. I know I’ll be sore from a bit of sunburn, and the muscle strain in my shoulders and arms is already starting to manifest itself. I’ll live. I’m really glad Cami invited me to come.