Pac-Man ghost behavior – I needed this article back then

I found this article at work, so I haven’t had time to read it completely. I’m posting it here so I will remember. It’s very interesting so far. I wish I had known about this back in the 80s when I was playing the game.

Making a Perry the platypus fondant cake

My daughter just turned 3 and her favorite character at the moment is Perry the Platypus. A little plush Perry from the Disney store gets carried wherever we go, so we decided Perry would be our birthday theme this year. With a little help from Pinterest we set out to make a Perry the Platypus … [Read more…]

Perry the platypus birthday cupcakes

My daughter had a birthday, so of course we scoured Pinterest for ideas. We tried this idea for cupcakes and were very happy with the results. The cake is blue velvet. The frosting is butter cream colored with teal Wilton gel icing color. I used a sharp knife to cut the mini vanilla wafers in … [Read more…]

1997 Honda Civic – codes p1336 and p1337 – wiring harness damaged by alternator belt – FIXED

The check engine light suddenly came on in the Civic a few months ago. The engine was running fine, but the light stayed on. I used my little Autel OBDII scanner to scan the codes: P1336, P1337. P1337 Honda – Crankshaft Position Sensor 2 No Signal P1336 Honda – Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor Intermittant Interruption … [Read more…]

Battling junk food

Right after failure it’s easy to make goals and plans. The body isn’t missing anything at that point so it’s easy to feel confident that, in the future, we will have the willpower and resolve to win. Yet, hunger seems to come back when we aren’t feeling as confident. Like a traitor, the body starts … [Read more…]

The first step to getting somewhere…

I saw this quote a while back and it really struck a chord with me, as I have found this to be true in my own life, on a number of occasions: “The first step toward getting somewhere is deciding that you are not going to stay where you are.” It’s easy to come up … [Read more…]