Perry the platypus birthday cupcakes

My daughter had a birthday, so of course we scoured Pinterest for ideas. We tried this idea for cupcakes and were very happy with the results. The cake is blue velvet. The frosting is butter cream colored with teal Wilton gel icing color. I used a sharp knife to cut the mini vanilla wafers in half, though a butter knife would probably do the job with a few more crumbs. I also used the knife to cut the wafer cookie tails. I cut the wafer cookies in half and then added a point to one end. It seemed to help to twist the cookie tails back and forth while pushing it into the cupcake. If I tried to just push the cookie tails in with out the twisting, they either wanted to spring back out, or it would sometimes start distorting the cupcake with the pressure. They were very easy to make.