Magnolias, Lilies and Cacti

Cami and I went for a drive in search of magnolias. For Mothers Day I did a scratchboard of some cala lilies. For her birthday I wanted to do a magnolia since they are blooming everywhere. Here is the prettiest one we found: In addition to the magnolias we saw some beautiful orange lilies: And … [Read more…]

Walking two days in a row

I walked the same route today and I felt pretty good. The sun was getting pretty low when I started and by the time I finished it was getting dark. The weather was perfect. Toughening up my feet is going to take some work. After about a mile and a half they start feeling like … [Read more…]

more Sketchbook Pro

I’ve been doing a bit more with Sketchbook Pro. The head on the left is based on a photo on the internet. The rest are just sketches from my head.

New sketch with Sketchbook Pro

Cami said the family went together on a gift for my birthday. It’s a gift code for I already know what I want. Sketchbook Pro has been on my mind from time to time. Several years ago I tried it out and really liked it. But, my money situation didn’t allow me to buy … [Read more…]

I love Cami Rae!

This is a design I drew for Cami: I pulled it into Adobe Illustrator and prepared it as a pattern for cutting in wood. It’s going to look nice in dark walnut.