Zions Bank has forgotten who keeps them in business

My dad has a car that I’ve been driving, and for several years we have talked about transferring the title. But, that title has been hard to find. My mother knew where all that documentation was kept. With her passing, all that knowledge has been lost.

So, I went to the DMV last Thursday. They said we have to get a signature from Zions Bank stating that the loan was paid and the title was transferred. That same Thursday I went into Zions Bank to make that request. They said it would take 3-5 business days. It seemed like a long time just to verify someone in their computer, but there wasn’t much else to do.

It’s the following Thursday and still no signature. I must admit that the teller has been very helpful. She re-faxed the information yesterday, and called the lady who is supposed to be in charge. It’s the corporate policy and bottlenecks that give me grief.

Today I still hadn’t heard back so I paid another visit to the bank. The teller called again, and was told that it could take 7-10 more business days to research the title. It’s no wonder I don’t bank with Zions Bank. Everything about them is hurry up and wait. I banked with them for 20 years, and anytime I really needed something, it would take weeks. At my credit union I can usually get whatever I need with a single visit. At Zions Bank it’s 7-10 business days, and often longer to wander through the swamp of corporate policy. I’m not a fan.