Yesterday’s 5 mile Run …and walk

I did something a little different yesterday. I knew I wanted to go 5 miles, and I knew at some point in that distance I wanted to run a mile. My warm up was a mile of walking, and at that point I started my mile run. By the end I wasn’t feeling too bad. After walking another half mile I decided to try another mile. That one felt even better. I guess it helps to loosen up. After walking a half mile I debated running a final mile, but decided against it. The last time I pushed too hard it seemed to take a while to recover. I alternated running and walking the remaining 4 laps. But, the last running lap I ran quite hard. And, at the end I was sprinting. I haven’t run that fast in many years. It felt great.

Now, I have today’s workout in front of me. The bike has been calling, but that means I would have to inflate the tires.