Will they steal my car stereo? …Oh yes

My GPS (I tell Cami it’s my “water wings”) goes wherever I go. The roads around are so confusing I wouldn’t be without it. The GPS also comes into my motel room every time I leave the car.

But, I have been careless about removing the face of my car stereo each night. I started out doing it, and then decided I might be a little too paranoid. I mean, it’s fairly new, but not an expensive stereo. When Cami was visiting we both thought it probably wasn’t worth enough for someone to steal it. We were wrong:

I may have left the door unlocked by accident, but I doubt it. I came out to the car yesterday morning and my door wasn’t completely shut. I knew it was going to be bad. Yep, the stereo was missing.

The thief didn’t spend much time going through the car. The remote was right below the stereo in the console and they didn’t take it. They didn’t take my work badge either. I was relieved about the badge. So, once again, it’s a situation of “could have been a lot worse”. But it still hurts. It’s about $175 loss when you consider having to buy the wiring harnesses and bracket along with the stereo.

Oh, and they stole me 8-gig flash drive with all my songs on it. Let’s just say about $200 to replace everything. Money is so tight right now with all the expenses we are dealing with. I won’t be able to replace it any time soon. Jerks.