Where did this cold weather come from?

Last night the air was cold, so I had a feeling it would be even colder today. I also thought I heard thunder in the night. It was no surprise to find the morning rainy and wet.

I put on an extra pair of shorts, and a hoodie over the top of my normal riding gear. The air was cold, and I worried about cramping up on the bike ride.

This time I wore the chest strap for my Polar heart monitor watch. My standing heart rate was about 72 bpm before I left the house. During the ride it stayed between 154 and 160 most of the time in the stressful areas. Coasting long enough would get it down around 124. One sprint pushed it up to 170 before I backed off. If nothing else, it’s an entertaining gadget.

I did the same circuit today – to the gate and back on Smelter Road. The worry about the cold was needless. I felt fine once my body got warmed up.