Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ …

Just four more days until the wedding. I need to drive to the airport tomorrow just to see how far it is, and where I will be parking. Then Wednesday morning I hope to be on the 6:55 flight out of Raleigh. If all goes well, I’ll be in Utah before noon. Crossing time zones makes for speedy travel. But, there is also the chance that the flight will be full, and I’ll be waiting around the airport all day trying to make it home.

I made a new reservation for this palace:

I’ve been staying at this Motel 6 for the past week, and it’s less noisy than the previous one. The bed isn’t terrible, but I’m going to love sleeping in a real bed when I get home. Monday night I will get to try out the bed at Cami’s place. Very nice. Then it’s back to this place where they’ve left the light on for me. What a comfort.

I took a drive past the temple in Apex the other day. The building is rather small, but it’s nice looking.

I snapped this photo through the windshield:

Lots of trees. I wonder what it will look like when they drop their leaves. I’m curious to know how much further I will be able to see. Sometimes I get claustrophobic with so many trees. I miss the valleys and the mountains.