Thoughts on Dieting

Through the years I have noticed something interesting when it comes to conversations about dieting and weight loss. No matter how fit, or unfit, a person may be, they will usually have a strong opinion about the best way to lose weight. With so much knowledge in their heads, it sure seems like more people should be losing weight.

In high school I wasn’t ever worried about weight. I was 6’1 and about 190 lbs as a senior. I participated in football, basketball, track, and wrestling, so I was always in shape.

My early college years weren’t much different. I was very active and constantly running from place to place. Intramural sports and pickup games of basketball continued to keep me in shape.

I’m not really sure when I started to put on weight. It was probably happening all along, but I really took notice when I started working at an ad agency around 1995. I gained about 20 lbs shortly after starting, and for the first time I felt I had little control over my weight. Trying to eat better didn’t seem to help. I would usually find later that my “health foods” weren’t as healthy as I had supposed.

My weight didn’t keep me from doing most things so there wasn’t a great sense of urgency to solve the problem. I eventually got used to being a bigger person. But, As time passed I got bigger, and found myself doing fewer and fewer physical activities. About five years ago I started to really feel the effects of being overweight. When you can’t sit down and tie your shoes without getting red in the face and huffing and puffing, something is really wrong.

I was getting dangerously close to 300 lbs, and I felt a strong need to change. I haven’t had any serious health problems, but I felt it was just a matter of time if something didn’t happen with my weight. That is why I was motivated to try the HCG program. I was highly skeptical and never really expected it to work. But, I was hopeful. Something needed to happen, and it seemed to be the best option available once I got looking into it.