The sweet sound of Ba ba ba ba ba

Ellie is, and always has been, a very vocal child. Cami is pretty sure Ellie is starting to purposely sing when she hears music. Her voice takes on a more harmonic tone when music plays.

Until this morning she seemed mostly interested in vowel sounds, and she often holds them for long stretches like “woooooaaaaahhhhhooooowwwwwwwwoooooooaaaaahhhhh” – sort of like Eliza Doolittle’s voice exercises. When she got up this morning Ellie was in a good mood and full of chatter. I noticed she was using “B” sounds a bit. Cami said she heard it yesterday too. I started saying “Ba ba ba ba ba” to Ellie, and it wasn’t long before she was doing it too! This is the first time I have known her to really copy anything I have done. Of course I am impressed. We think she is a smarty and we love to see her progress. Now we need to teacher to say “Mama”. 🙂