The paring knife I still love after 27 years

Back in 1989, I spent a few months as a timid, unsuccessful Cutco knife salesman. After 27 years my Cutco knives are still awesome and get almost daily use. When it comes to serrated knives, nothing beats Cutco. And yet, this post isn’t about Cutco.

When I was trained to sell knives, I was told that Cutco quality was comparable to premium brands like J.A. Henckels. I wanted to know for myself, so I bought a J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star 3-Inch High Carbon Stainless-Steel Paring Knife.


It was awesome. There was, and is, a “rightness” about it. The weight of the knife is perfect. The length of the blade is perfect. The ratio of handle to blade is perfect. The shape of the handle is so comfortable. I purposely keep it less than razor sharp, but it holds an edge well and rarely needs sharpening. After 27 years of nearly daily use, it is still in excellent shape. I treat my knives with great care, and I expect it to last me another 27 years.