The Lorax – the new version is painful to watch – horrible

We put the Lorax in our Netflix queue, thinking it was the original movie from the 70s. From watching the trailer I already knew I wasn’t interested in the new movie, but here it was, by accident, in our living room. I put in the DVD player and fired it up. It was all downhill from there.

The original Lorax movie was a simple and powerful story – incredible in its depth, and one of the most memorable from my childhood. The new movie is a disorganized circus of preachy songs and silly insulting dialogue, without a likeable character in the whole cast. I guess the producers thought they could do a better job than Dr. Seuss. I think it ended up similar to this…

After 20 minutes I reached my threshold and started doing something else. Cami turned if off not long after that. The original Lorax is in the Netflix queue now. I double checked to make sure it was the right one.