Simple Solution Extreme …it works!

Cami and I have a “no pet” commitment, and we specifically looked for places to rent that didn’t allow pets. But, not long after moving in, the smell of carpet shampoo faded, and the foul odor of cat urine got stronger and stronger. It was coming mainly from a downstairs closet – the likely location of the previous owner’s litter box. We not happy campers. We liked everything about our new place except the smell downstairs.

A friend told us about a product at Petsmart but we couldn’t find it when we got there. On my phone I started looking online at product reviews for the products they stocked, and Simple Solution Extreme looked promising. We brought some home to try.

We couldn’t actually see the stains, so we weren’t sure where to spray. The nozzle on the 32oz spray bottle shoots a fairly focused stream and I wanted something more like a mist so it could cover a wider area. I poured the contents into a generic spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle and misted the closet area heavily – fairly wet to the touch. We let it dry for a day and the smell was pretty much gone. But, a few days later the smell started coming back – not as strong as before. We misted it heavily again, and let it dry completely, then one more misting. This time the smell seems to be gone for good.