Saturday bike ride – super nice

I’ve been riding casually for several months now, with the goal of getting used to the new bike and getting used to moving. Now that I’m in better shape I wanted a benchmark to work from so I took my Garmin GPS with me. It clips to the handlebars and shows me things like average speed, top speed, elapsed time, odometer, etc. I already knew the distance I would travel, but I wanted to know my average speed. There are variables I can’t control, like how many people are walking on the path, and how many of those people are walking four-abreast so the path is completely blocked and I have slow almost to a stop before somebody lets me pass. But, overall, I think it’s useful to know the numbers. I ended up going 10.44 miles at an average of 14.1 miles per hour. It took me just over 44 minutes to make it out and back. I’m not sure how I stack up against other people, but I was pretty pleased. It feels great to get out there and ride, especially when the weather is cooling down. It’s still plenty warm. I love it.

Cami and I were driving past what used to be Borders, and I noticed it’s been replaced with an REI. It’s probably been there for months, but I hadn’t paid attention. I checked prices on a new set of pedals and also a bike rack for the car. It’s been ages since I’ve been to an REI, so I wanted to see if they still had me in their system. Sure enough, they do. I could get 10% back if I make my purchase there. Woohoo!