Logitech Lapdesk – perfect for my needs

Living in motels has been frustrating. Even though I’m in an extended-stay room with a kitchenette, I don’t have a desk. My options for using the computer have been, to sit on a bar stool and use the computer on the kitchenette counter, or sit in a little padded green armchair with arms so narrow that nothing can placed on them. The computer will sit on my lap in the armchair, but I can’t use a mouse, and I hate using the track pad for extended computer use.

I was looking for small desks that might fit in a car when I ran across this beauty:

It’s made of sturdy plastic, barely larger than the laptop, and it’s exactly what I needed. The desk itself protects your lap from the heat of the computer. The pull-out mouse pad is what I really love. I can sit in the green armchair and use the computer so much easier. The mouse pad has raised edges so the mouse won’t slide off. I think I paid around $25 which is money well spent in comfort. If I need to get up, and I set the lapdesk on the bed or the ottoman and the mouse stays with it. So handy. I love this thing.

It’s small enough to even fit in my computer bag when traveling. It would work in a car or on a plane where space is limited.