In my mind I’ve gone to North Carolina

Ok, so I’m actually here in body as well. Cami is back in Utah, holding down the fort. I’m exploring a new job possibility so my life is in limbo at the moment. The wedding is in about 25 days and I sure do appreciate the patience of my bride-to-be. I would love to be with her instead of hanging out in a motel room updating this blog.

The drive took three full days. It was great seeing that much country. But, road trips are more fun if you have a little extra time to stop and take in the scenery. I had a few short stops for gas and food, and the rest of the time I was driving. I had expected to leave on Thursday, but it was Friday before I got everything ready to actually leave.

The first night I went as far as Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s a long haul, but I wanted to get to Paula’s by Saturday night. The long, straight Interstate 80 makes for some fast driving and I made good time.

Boring Wyoming:

Lincoln in the morning:

The drive through Missouri was greener and more interesting:

There were quite a few of these Missou fans driving down the road with tiger tails. There must have been a big game:

Purple water tower:

When I got to St. Louis I saw the LDS temple up ahead. And, there was an accident right in front of it on the freeway. That gave me a chance to take a few photos:

And, the arch was hiding from me whenever I tried to snap a picture. I was driving, so I didn’t have much chance to do much more than randomly point the camera and pull the trigger:

And, just before it went completely dark I crossed the Ohio River… I think.

I passed into Tennessee in the dark so I didn’t get any pictures until the morning. I will put them into another post.