In 6 more days, the wedding!

It’s not far off now. Wednesday I will be trying to catch a stand-by flight back to Utah. I want to catch the first flight out in the morning in order to assure the best chance of success. Catching the connecting flight will probably be trickier so I anticipate a late-evening arrival in Utah. I would have tried flying out on Tuesday night, but the last flight out is at 5:30. Since I’m working that day, it’s just not going to be possible. Wednesday will be fine.

Thursday we have some errands to run. We have to pick up the tux and get the marriage license. The marriage license people probably won’t be working on Friday, so that flight better make it!!! I’m sure we will be running around on Thursday and Friday, trying to get everything done that needs doing before the wedding. Friday evening we have a family BBQ planned, and it looks like my buddies are going to

Saturday at 9:00am we meet at the Salt Lake Temple. At 10:20 we have the ceremony. I’m excited to be married, and especially glad to have Cami as my bride. It seems like we’ve known each other for a longer time than we actually have. And to think it all started with a Facebook message. 🙂

Cami and I started corresponding over Facebook in the middle of February, right around Valentine’s Day. So, by wedding time we will have known each other eight months. Our first date was on March 4th at the Canton Wok in Kearns. We met there because it was close to Salt Lake Community College, and not too far from where Cami works. From that first meeting I knew she was special. The moment she got out of her car and greeted me with that radiant smile, I knew I was going to like her. Instant chemistry. It’s been that way ever since.