HooToo TripMate Nano puts a low cost wireless media server in your car

Here is my new gadget for watching movies on my iPad without using my data plan or an internet connection.


The HooToo TripMate Nano is the little square-shaped box in the photo. It is tiny, weighs almost nothing, and creates a strong wireless signal that phones and tablets can detect and join. Why would you need it? If you have a collection of movies on a flash drive, and you want to watch them in situations where you may not have an Internet connection (in the car), this is the device for you.

I have converted quite a few of my DVDs to .m4v files using HandBrake. I had previously put movies on my daughter’s iPad for watching on trips, but with only 16GB, it didn’t allow for much of a selection before running out of room. The 64GB flash drive in this setup has over 50 movies on it.

Up to 5 devices can browse and play movies and songs from a single connected flash drive. The HooToo app must be installed, but each user can watch or listen to their own thing. So far I have tested with 2 iPhones and an iPad, each streaming a different movie, and the playback was flawless.

The white battery in the photo is just to show how self-contained this setup is. On a plane the battery would be needed. In the car it would just plug into the USB charger. This setup should come in handy on our next long trip. $35 for the TripMate and the 64GB flash drive is much cheaper than upgrading our 16GB iPad.