Hard-core cyclists are snobs

The weather is getting chilly in the mornings. I still wore my t-shirt and shorts, but I added a hoodie for good measure. The ride turned out nice, and there wasn’t any breeze. Quite a few people were out walking, and they almost always look and wave. Even the people in cars will wave. The people who don’t wave are the hard-core cyclists wearing their multi-colored “Super Friends” costumes. They don’t even acknowledge my presence on the road.

I think I’m getting stronger. I can pedal for longer periods of time, and I don’t have to gear down as often. My bike needs a tune-up, but it’s still working well. My chain has skipped a few times, and it probably needs lubrication. My tires are staying inflated better than I would have expected. I put some air in the back tire today. I do have a patch kit ready in case I ever have trouble on the road. That would suck to walk my bike all the way back home.

My recovery time seems to be improving too. I can still feel the workout in my legs two hours later, but they aren’t feeling bad at all.