Even rode my bicycle in the rain

It wasn’t raining when I started. All the signs were present, but the rain wasn’t coming down. I took a chance on Smelter Road. The rain won. Sure I could have turned around to avoid the deluge, but what fun would that be? Good thing I didn’t bring my phone with me. I was totally soaked.

I rode up to the No Trespassing gate this time – probably a nine-mile round trip. My body is finally getting used to the burn. When I first rode, I had to keep giving my legs a rest. Now I can keep them moving even if the burn gets painful. I did a bit of resting today – coasting for short distances – but for the most part I kept moving.

The ride back was actually cold. I was going fairly fast down the hill which contributed to the wind chill. My legs cramped up a little when I was nearly home. Still, no harm done. I’m feeling pretty good now.