Ellie, my beautiful daughter

Cami’s doctor wanted to avoid any possible complications with higher blood pressure, so we went in early to have the baby induced. We went in Thursday night, the 22nd of September. Progress was very slow all day Friday, and on Saturday morning they finally opted to do a c-section. So, Ellie was born on September 24th instead of October 3rd or any other date we might have speculated on. The process went very smooth and there were no complications for Cami or Ellie.

Fast forward about 5 weeks, and mommy and baby are still doing well. Cami has healed faster than I would ever have expected. Ellie has grown and filled out nicely. We just bought her a new swing, which we hope will help us get her to sleep more easily when she’s fussy. She is a pretty calm baby most of the time. This is heaven: