Download iPhone photos and video with Linux – Easy

My wife’s iPhone 4S ran out of space today. We generally use DiskAid on Windows XP machine to download the photos and video, but something is wrong with the user profile on XP and I can’t get it to boot all the way. On the other hand, Linux (Mint 13) is working fine. I looked for a way to download the photos and video with Linux and found a couple of good resources. Here’s what you do:

1. Plug in the iPhone
2. Open a terminal window
3. Type this command and hit Enter: gphoto2 –port=usb: -R -P
4. Wait until it finishes
5. Look in your home directory for the files

This worked great for my wife’s iPhone 4S and for my iPhone 4. They are both running the most current IOS. I know when I first plug in the phone I am prompted with a gThumb photo downloader message, but this gave me an error (user error?) when I tried to use it. The command line was super easy. Here is the best resource I found:

Here is a page with an explanation of commands: