Christmas in Utah – fun!

With the exception of snow here in Utah, my holiday experience has been great. I have spent time with family and friends. Most of all, I have spent time with Cami – my best friend and my wife.

Cami had to work some this week, but I have had things to keep me busy while she was away. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had dentist appointments. My teeth really needed help. Flossing regularly will not be neglected again! We met her dad for lunch on Wednesday. That was really good. At home I have been trying to get some things checked off the to-do list:

1. Replace outside porch light with motion activated flood light
Cami found a flood light that we wanted installed. It was pretty easy, except we had to buy a longer mounting screw. It’s great to walk up the driveway and have the lights come on as we approach the door.

2. Fix closet doors
The “orange” bedroom has bi-fold closet doors that needed adjustment. I straightened up the door on the right, which allowed the tracking hardware to function properly. Then I replaced all the hinge screws with longer ones. It’s working much better now.

3. Repair cigarette lighter outlet in Cami’s car
Cami hasn’t been able to charge anything in her car because the lighter outlet had fallen out, and one of the wires had come out of the connector. I was able to remove the clips from the connector and re-solder the wires into the clips. I removed the lower console to get access to the back of the outlet. After re-assembling the old outlet hardware, it looks and works as good as new. Cami was also glad because she was able to clean the console and vacuum underneath it. Bonus!

4. Open back door on the Civic
The driver’s-side back door has been stuck closed for as long as I have known Cami. I will explain this procedure in another post, but the door is finally functional!

5. Adjust shower curtain rod
Cami had installed a shower rod that bows out to allow more room in the shower – really nice. She did everything right, but movement in the hardware was allowing the bar to sag down. This would keep the curtain from closing all the way on the ends, and water would land on the ends of the tub and find its way out onto the floor. By drilling new holes which rotated the hardware, I was able to compensate for the slack. Now the rod stays horizontal, and actually angles up just a bit. This allows better closure with the shower curtain, and should keep water inside.

6. Connect heating duct to kitchen
Ok, this one is still undone. The heating duct has been lying in the crawlspace under the kitchen for quite some time. The vent is in place under the kitchen cabinets. All that remains to be done is to cut a hole in the floor and push the duct up into it. But, that means getting messy with insulation and dirt. It will get done, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

This to-do list might seem like a honey-do list. It isn’t. Cami didn’t make the list – I did. I knew these were things that needed fixing. And I knew that fixing them would make her happy.