Cami will be here tonight!

If the flights cooperate, Cami will be here around midnight. I sure hope she can make it. Tomorrow I have the option of a day off since the rest of the office will be closed. If she misses her flight today, I will likely work, at least for part of the day. But, if she gets here, we will take tomorrow off and have some fun. Everything looks very different, so I wonder what she will think about all the green.

Cami made it on the flight to Chicago. It seemed like she wouldn’t and then she texted me to say she made it. In Chicago she had a better chance to get to Raleigh, but it still wasn’t guaranteed. She made it on that flight too. I’m just about to make the trip to the airport.

I went for another walk today. Same circuit. When I started I felt pretty good. I was talking to Paula and had a good conversation. Toward the end I started to feel congested. Since then my cold symptoms have flared up. It’s going to be a tough night for Cami as she gets to hear me snore and wheeze.