Cami and the Desert Star

Cami went with Staci and Stuart to the Desert Star Theatre. I am so envious. They are watching “Christmas Vacation on the Bi-Polar Express”. The last time we went we saw a spoof on the Prince of Persia. I can’t remember the title, but it was absolutely hilarious. Too bad they don’t have them on video.


Little Audrey Trump only wants one thing this Christmas – to know if Santa Claus is real! So she writes him a letter and asks him to let her know so she can tell her friends.

Soon, she finds herself whisked off on a magical adventure to the North Pole aboard the Bi-Polar Express. She’s accompanied by her workaholic father, Ronald Trump (Donald’s less-successful brother).

Along the way, they encounter a zany cast of characters including a couple of elves in Santa’s workshop, Frostbite the Snowman, Theodore Bear (a bi-polar bear who works as a train conductor), Keebler the Elf, and of course, Jolly Old St. Nick himself! But Keebler has a plan that will ruin Santa and destroy Christmas, Audrey and Ronald will have to help stop Keebler before its too late.

Don’t miss this magical holiday comedy!