Benefits of having lost about 30lbs

Now that I’ve lost a fair amount of weight, I have tried to think of all the benefits. Some of them were unexpected.

1. I can tie my shoes without effort. No more “reaching over a barrel” to tie my shoes.
2. My shoes fit better. This is most apparent with dress shoes.
3. Sleepiness during the day is rare. I used to feel tired all the time.
4. I don’t feel uncomfortably warm much anymore.
5. Simple chores like mowing the lawn don’t wipe me out like they used to.
6. Of course my clothes fit better and look better on me.
7. I don’t have the frequent gastrointestinal problems I used to.
8. Sleeping at night seems more restful.
9. I don’t have the “stuffed” feeling in my chest and stomach – probably from a lot of internal fat.
10. I don’t run out of air when I sing. Sustaining notes is much easier.
11. My legs are thinner so walking is easier. Not as much friction. More natural stride.

I can’t wait to see what benefits losing another 30 lbs will bring.