A “Tell us how we’re doing” card, and not a pen in sight

The other day I was having dinner at Golden Corral, and the server was very friendly and quick to ask if I needed help with anything. He had left a card on my table earlier. It had little check boxes to rate the service and the quality of the food. But, I didn’t have any way of filling it out. Yes, I could have asked for a pen, but I wasn’t quite that motivated. I would have given a good review if it had been convenient.

I’ve been staying in motels for the past several weeks, and they leave similar cards on the night stand. No pens. So, even if I were inclined to fill one out, I can’t very well do it if I don’t have a pen handy. They give me a little bar of soap each day, and new plastic cups. They even provide a bible. Pens are hard to come by.

It just got me wondering how badly they really want people to fill those cards out. I want to fill them out, but I’m too lazy to find a pen. On the other hand, if someone got mad enough, I’ll bet they’d find something to write with.