A couple of cool pictures I found on my camera

I bought flowers for Cami before she went on her sister’s retreat. I had also made her my little heart turtle design that was just a line drawing at that point. Giving flowers has always been the kiss of death for any of my previous relationships, so this was the first time I had given flowers to Cami. Thanks Cami for sticking with me. 🙂

During that time I also harvested some plums from a tree that didn’t belong to anyone. It was just growing there by the side of the road, waiting for me to come by and pluck the goodness for my own purposes. I got a 5-gallon bucket full. Some of them I gave to Michelle, and this is what I had left over:

These beauties produced almost two gallons of plum juice that Michelle will use to make Italian ice for the reception. I’m excited to try it. My favorite is pomegranate blueberry, but the plum juice ought to be excellent. I wonder what she will mix it with. Yum.