4 mile run

Yesterday I was in Salt Lake with Cami, and I didn’t get a chance to do a workout. We had a really good time and got to eat lunch with Cami’s dad at Olive Garden. The salad was good and the soups were excellent. Later we hung out a bit with Staci and Tiffani. For Tiffani’s birthday we went to see Charlie St. Cloud. The acting wasn’t bad. The story was pretty sappy and overly dramatic. It was interesting to see Kim Basinger in something after all these years. She didn’t do much. Just a cameo part.

As far as work, I didn’t get much accomplished, but I had a great time with Cami. She is a lot of fun.

This morning I wanted to get back on the high school track. I walked a mile to warm up and felt pretty good. My plan was to run a similar program as earlier this week, with the possibility of running further than a mile on my long intervals. After running a mile I didn’t feel too bad, so I set my goal to two miles. It’s odd to me how the end of the second mile was easier than the first. At that point I still had plenty of energy, so I went for mile number three. I started clocking myself and the third mile took eleven minutes, almost exactly. By this time I knew I could make it to four. I pushed on and tried to go a little faster. At the end I kicked it pretty hard and my fourth mile time was just a few seconds over 10 minutes. Not bad at all. I knew I could go at least another mile, but didn’t want to overextend myself. After two laps of cool-down walking I was breathing easily. My lungs seem to finally be ready for serious exercise.