Will the weight come back?

Someone asked this question on one of the forums I visit. I posted a response and though I would duplicate it here: I have wondered about this myself. When you think about it, the hCG is just the mechanism for getting the weight off and getting a new set point. From there the hCG disappears … [Read more…]

Thinking about “normal” weight

In one of the hCG forums I was reading about BMI (base metabolic index?) and started plugging numbers into a BMI calculator. It looks like I would need to get down to around 185lbs to end up in the “normal” category. Obesity is the new normal, so I guess healthy is a better word. I’m … [Read more…]

Not too bad

Today turned out pretty good as far as the diet is concerned. I haven’t felt terribly hungry, which is good. And, not much headache, which is great. I have a feeling it will be even better tomorrow. There seems to be a psychological reaction to not eating much. At first the body fights it and … [Read more…]

Will Wait for Food

I’ve got 15 more minutes to wait, and then I will have my meager afternoon meal. This morning was easy. I wasn’t really very hungry, and at noon I ate an apple and some roast beef. That kept my hunger away until about 4:30. Since that time I’ve been watching the clock.

Back on the hCG for Round Two

Well, I knew it was coming. The end of my six-week wait has arrived, and I started taking the hCG injections again. The first three days are the “loading” days, so you get to eat whatever you like, although it should be food with a lot fat rather than sugar. Yesterday was my last day … [Read more…]

Adding wheels to a Jet 14″ bandsaw

I have a mobile base for my Jet bandsaw that isn’t very mobile. Only two of the wheels swivel so it’s sometimes hard to steer it into the right location. The bandsaw has little brackets in the base that can accomodate castors, but they are a little too close together for stability. The bandsaw is … [Read more…]

Benefits of having lost about 30lbs

Now that I’ve lost a fair amount of weight, I have tried to think of all the benefits. Some of them were unexpected. 1. I can tie my shoes without effort. No more “reaching over a barrel” to tie my shoes. 2. My shoes fit better. This is most apparent with dress shoes. 3. Sleepiness … [Read more…]

Thoughts on Dieting

Through the years I have noticed something interesting when it comes to conversations about dieting and weight loss. No matter how fit, or unfit, a person may be, they will usually have a strong opinion about the best way to lose weight. With so much knowledge in their heads, it sure seems like more people … [Read more…]