The sweet sound of Ba ba ba ba ba

Ellie is, and always has been, a very vocal child. Cami is pretty sure Ellie is starting to purposely sing when she hears music. Her voice takes on a more harmonic tone when music plays. Until this morning she seemed mostly interested in vowel sounds, and she often holds them for long stretches like “woooooaaaaahhhhhooooowwwwwwwwoooooooaaaaahhhhh” … [Read more…]

Ellie, my beautiful daughter

Cami’s doctor wanted to avoid any possible complications with higher blood pressure, so we went in early to have the baby induced. We went in Thursday night, the 22nd of September. Progress was very slow all day Friday, and on Saturday morning they finally opted to do a c-section. So, Ellie was born on September … [Read more…]

2 months later… a new post

A lot has happened since my last post. We crossed the country in a Budget moving van and set up camp in townhouse in Cary, NC. Nearby there is a park with a lake, which also happens to be the home of some cute little turtles.

Another walk

This is my fourth day of walking. My feet felt better today so I may be turning the corner on that. The heat didn’t feel as bad either. Once I get used to walking, I’ll start pushing myself to get a better workout. After seven months of doing practically nothing, it feels great to get … [Read more…]