Creating ebooks with a Mac

I have some out-of-print books that I wanted to read on my Kindle. In some cases, either a Kindle version isn’t available for sale, or the Kindle version is so full of mistakes that I can’t stand to read it. Sometimes a book is available in PDF, but PDFs aren’t very fun to read. I … [Read more…]

Zebra face fondant cake

In keeping with our fondant cake-making birthday tradition, this year we decided on a zebra cake for our safari theme. We wanted more than an abstract zebra pattern, but didn’t want to do a full zebra body. I had the idea of doing just the head in a fun cartoon style. After several sketches, this … [Read more…]

Making a pink dolphin fondant cake

Our friends have a daughter who wanted a dolphin cake for her birthday, and this is the result. We didn’t take photos of the entire project, but in a previous post about making a Perry the Platypus cake, I go into more detail about the process, including the mixing of the fondant. Our friends’ daughter … [Read more…]

Backing up voicemails from iPhone 4 to a Mac

I have put off this task for years because I thought it would be a lot harder than it really is. My voicemail was full today, so I was motivated. I found some instructions that explain how to extract the voicemail files from an iTunes backup: Instructions: Script I was able to do … [Read more…]