1997 Honda Civic – codes p1336 and p1337 – wiring harness damaged by alternator belt – FIXED

The check engine light suddenly came on in the Civic a few months ago. The engine was running fine, but the light stayed on. I used my little Autel OBDII scanner to scan the codes: P1336, P1337. P1337 Honda – Crankshaft Position Sensor 2 No Signal P1336 Honda – Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor Intermittant Interruption … [Read more…]

Lucha Libre and New Brake Pads

Yesterday Cami’s brother replaced my worn out catalytic converter. It runs quietly now, and I won’t be getting as many strange looks. That’s a good thing. I’ve been worried about the brakes. They haven’t been squealing constantly, but I wanted to make sure the car is ready for whatever cross-country jaunts I might have to … [Read more…]

Adding wheels to a Jet 14″ bandsaw

I have a mobile base for my Jet bandsaw that isn’t very mobile. Only two of the wheels swivel so it’s sometimes hard to steer it into the right location. The bandsaw has little brackets in the base that can accomodate castors, but they are a little too close together for stability. The bandsaw is … [Read more…]