Camaro Envy

My cousin Doug Brewer is on Facebook showing off pictures of a new yellow Chevy Camaro. I have to admit my envy. The designers on that Camaro project really got it right. Cami brought up an interesting point though. If I were to ever get one, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy its looks because … [Read more…]

The Apricot Race

I looked out the window a few days ago, and realized the change in the color of the apricots. They aren’t quite ripe yet, but it won’t be long. There are a few early adopters of the delicious orange glow, and although still on the sour side, they don’t taste half bad. The earwigs have … [Read more…]

A walk on the wild side

I took my usual 5-mile walk today. On the way up Vine Street I was mostly anticipating the mile-long section where I do my running. The wind was strong and threatened to steal my hat a few times. I didn’t do a lot of observation until my run was over and I started to cool … [Read more…]

Spring is coming

Yesterday was cold, and made me think how nice the spring will be. Cool, and even overcast weather is nice, but the freezing weather … I’m not a fan. I can’t wait for a trees to start budding and for birds to chatter everywhere.