Christmas in Utah – fun!

With the exception of snow here in Utah, my holiday experience has been great. I have spent time with family and friends. Most of all, I have spent time with Cami – my best friend and my wife. Cami had to work some this week, but I have had things to keep me busy while … [Read more…]

Winter is here in Raleigh

Cami came to visit and flew back last Tuesday. Before she came the weather had been really nice. Well, she and I went to Kure Beach one day. It was a bit chilly, but not too bad. We walked on the beach, picked up little shells and took pictures of birds. On the way back … [Read more…]

More Spidey

I thought the spider had been removed, but I was wrong. When I got home from work it was there – building a big web. This time I moved the spider to the other side of the building where it can build a web without catching my face in it.

Crazy Spider

This is my second encounter with this spider. The first time it had built a web across the doorway of my motel room and I nearly walked right through that web. I carefully removed the spider to the bushes. Yes, I save spiders. Sue me. Tonight I started to toward the ice machine and felt … [Read more…]

Cami and the Desert Star

Cami went with Staci and Stuart to the Desert Star Theatre. I am so envious. They are watching “Christmas Vacation on the Bi-Polar Express”. The last time we went we saw a spoof on the Prince of Persia. I can’t remember the title, but it was absolutely hilarious. Too bad they don’t have them on … [Read more…]