Simple Solution Extreme …it works!

Cami and I have a “no pet” commitment, and we specifically looked for places to rent that didn’t allow pets. But, not long after moving in, the smell of carpet shampoo faded, and the foul odor of cat urine got stronger and stronger. It was coming mainly from a downstairs closet – the likely location … [Read more…]

Logitech Lapdesk – perfect for my needs

Living in motels has been frustrating. Even though I’m in an extended-stay room with a kitchenette, I don’t have a desk. My options for using the computer have been, to sit on a bar stool and use the computer on the kitchenette counter, or sit in a little padded green armchair with arms so narrow … [Read more…]

Motel water yuck

I got this nice little surprise a few days ago. The water tends to drain slowly in the tub so I got a good long look at the grossness. No wonder the water was tasting bad sometimes. The Brita filter pitcher was a very welcome addition to the fridge. This was the day after a … [Read more…]

The battle in my mind – for can openers

I have two Swing-A-Way can openers back in Utah. They are like true and trusted friends, solidly built and likely to outlast just about anything else in the kitchen. Packed in box 2500 hundred miles away, they are useless to me. Here in Raleigh, yesterday, in an extended-stay motel, I needed to open a can … [Read more…]