Amazing bike ride in the rain

I got caught in the rain on my ride this evening. I should have turned around earlier but I thought I could make it. It was totally unsafe, but a wonderful experience to ride with the lightning strikes off in the distance and thunderclaps all around me. The bike trail was deserted on my way … [Read more…]

Good ride

I haven’t been out on the bike for a few days, and tonight seemed like a good night to ride. The weather is super nice – not too hot or cold. Even with the sun getting low, the greenway had quite a few people out walking. My legs were burning something fierce after just a … [Read more…]

Walking two days in a row

I walked the same route today and I felt pretty good. The sun was getting pretty low when I started and by the time I finished it was getting dark. The weather was perfect. Toughening up my feet is going to take some work. After about a mile and a half they start feeling like … [Read more…]

Beautiful day for a stroll

The weather was so inviting today, I just had to get out and experience it first hand. The temperature was in the low 70s, with some nice sunshine. The birds were fully cooperative in providing the sound effects. The total distance was about 3.5 miles – just enough to give me some exercise. My tender … [Read more…]

Amazing weather for cycling

My trip to North Carolina has been delayed until tomorrow. The car is in the shop getting a new ball joint installed. I also have a new turn signal lens to install. Those fixes should allow it to pass inspection, and then I can get the registration taken care of. Since I won’t have a … [Read more…]