Not too bad

Today turned out pretty good as far as the diet is concerned. I haven’t felt terribly hungry, which is good. And, not much headache, which is great. I have a feeling it will be even better tomorrow. There seems to be a psychological reaction to not eating much. At first the body fights it and … [Read more…]

Will Wait for Food

I’ve got 15 more minutes to wait, and then I will have my meager afternoon meal. This morning was easy. I wasn’t really very hungry, and at noon I ate an apple and some roast beef. That kept my hunger away until about 4:30. Since that time I’ve been watching the clock.

Back on the hCG for Round Two

Well, I knew it was coming. The end of my six-week wait has arrived, and I started taking the hCG injections again. The first three days are the “loading” days, so you get to eat whatever you like, although it should be food with a lot fat rather than sugar. Yesterday was my last day … [Read more…]

Benefits of having lost about 30lbs

Now that I’ve lost a fair amount of weight, I have tried to think of all the benefits. Some of them were unexpected. 1. I can tie my shoes without effort. No more “reaching over a barrel” to tie my shoes. 2. My shoes fit better. This is most apparent with dress shoes. 3. Sleepiness … [Read more…]

Thoughts on Dieting

Through the years I have noticed something interesting when it comes to conversations about dieting and weight loss. No matter how fit, or unfit, a person may be, they will usually have a strong opinion about the best way to lose weight. With so much knowledge in their heads, it sure seems like more people … [Read more…]

Progress Report for my HCG Diet

About three months ago my dad mentioned a new diet that his doctor was recommending, and he wanted to know if I was interested in trying it with him. I was very skeptical at first, but eventually softened my opinion as I learned more about it.  It involves giving yourself an injection every day, and … [Read more…]