Zebra face fondant cake

In keeping with our fondant cake-making birthday tradition, this year we decided on a zebra cake for our safari theme. We wanted more than an abstract zebra pattern, but didn’t want to do a full zebra body. I had the idea of doing just the head in a fun cartoon style. After several sketches, this … [Read more…]

Making a pink dolphin fondant cake

Our friends have a daughter who wanted a dolphin cake for her birthday, and this is the result. We didn’t take photos of the entire project, but in a previous post about making a Perry the Platypus cake, I go into more detail about the process, including the mixing of the fondant. Our friends’ daughter … [Read more…]

Pyrography on spinner gourds

The Thanksgiving holiday was a good time to try pyrography on a new surface. My sister in Tennessee had some little spinner gourds sitting around, and I thought they would be perfect for trying out some new designs. She agreed to let me use them, so I soaked and scraped them to get the outer … [Read more…]